Forest Carbon Management

Mission of the Forest Carbon Action Group

The mission of the Forest Carbon Action Group (FCAG) is to build our base of knowledge and resources in order to educate, encourage and assist landowners to manage their forests for carbon storage and sequestration as a means for mitigating climate change.

Forest Carbon Action Group Meetings

The Forest Carbon Action Group usually meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm. At the current time, these meetings are being conducted virtually via Zoom.

For information about our next meeting, please contact:

Hot Off the Press!

The stunning 24×36 poster, How Can Family Forests Help Mitigate Climate Change? is now available in print and digital formats. This 2-year-long project – a partnership between Sustainable Woodstock and Northam Forest Carbon – is the result of extensive planning and comprehensive review by a broad field of experts, ranging from scholars and field researchers to practicing foresters.

From photosynthesis to forest management practices, the poster employs clear text and colorful graphics to explain the role of the carbon cycle in carbon storage and sequestration, as well as compelling facts about carbon and Vermont forests. The poster also provides resources that landowners can use, and actions that can be taken, to manage forests in order to mitigate climate change.
NEW! Digital guide: How Can Family Forests Help Mitigate Climate Change?

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